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Industrial Emissions Directive – Panel Session

Conference Day 1 – Tuesday 14th November

This session will include 4 short presentations followed by interactive Q&As with our expert speakers/panellists:

Clive Humphreys, Senior Advisory, Environment Agency

The requirements of the Industrial Emissions Directive were enshrined in UK law over 10 years ago and are the cornerstone of process industry regulation. The legislation is designed to ensure that all environmental media are protected equally, that any potentially harmful emissions are prevented or minimised, and that the processes which can give rise to those emissions are conducted in an efficient and sustainable manner. This is achieved by applying the strict and binding standards contained in the waste treatment Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference document.

Most biowaste treatment operators have obtained and are complying with their permits. The only major biowaste treatment activity that remains largely unpermitted is the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge. This presentation will explore the scope of the requirements that apply to water industry activities, the roadmap to compliance, the environmental imperatives which drive the need for change, and the main challenges facing water companies as they strive to meet their legal obligations and minimise the impacts of sludge digestion on the environment and human health.

Anita Manns, Senior Associate – Waste and Regulation, Mott MacDonald

With Defra and the Environment Agency’s Legal Counsel advising that ‘sludge’ is not an Urban Wastewater and, therefore, concluding that the UWWTD exclusion with the IED does not apply to Anaerobic Digestion carried out at Wastewater Treatment Works, this has led to a plethora of IED installation applications being submitted to the Environmental Regulators. The requirements committing the water industry to control and reduce the impact of industrial emissions on the environment is like a minefield. This presentation will set out, from a consultants perspective, our experience of working with the WaSCs, understanding those nuances between sites, permits and the regulators requests and how the WaSCs relationships with the regulator has developed or been impacted as a result of the IED process.

Paul Fountain, Senior Consultant, Thames Water

Steve Bungay, Technical Director – Wastewater Process Emissions, Mott MacDonald

Session Chair: Dr Yadira Bajon-Fernandez, Senior Lecturer in Bioresources Science and Engineering, Cranfield University

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Event Testimonials

“First and foremost the conference is an unrivalled networking event with a huge selection of key contacts from the UK water industry in attendance.”

Technical Support Manager, SNF

“Thank you for the outstanding organisation of the event. From our point of view it was just so smooth. Well done, congrats! See you next time”

International Business Development Manager, Biosolids Group, Veolia

“This was my first Biosolids conference – came away with plenty of food for thought, an insight into future strategy and technologies, and ideas to take back and implement now. Will be attending next year!”

Bioresource Production Planning Manager, United Utilities

“It was a great conference. I really like the strong presence of the UK water utilities on this event. Is certainly one of my go to events every year.”

Senior Lecturer in Bioresources Science and Engineering, Cranfield University

“Great conference, forward thinking, horizon expanding presentations.”

Technical Specialist (Sludge Processing), Yorkshire Water

“Good industry wide perspective of the challenges and new directions.”

Cost Transformation Lead, Thames Water

“This is a great opportunity to take in, in a very short time, a very good impression of where the industry is and where it’s going.”

Programme Manager, CCm Technologies

“Excellent way of understanding challenges throughout the sector with various different companies”

Treatment Works Manager, Northumbrian Water

“The Biosolids Conference is THE best conference to attend if you want to find out more about the latest innovations in the sector, to hear about the areas of interest and to meet the people doing the innovation – I recommend it regularly!”

BBSRC NIBB Network Manager, Southampton University

“Excellent event with interesting speakers and topics and extremely well organised”

European Sales Consultant, Lange Lyche Teknisk AS

“Hundreds of hours of useful research and reading distilled into two days”

Project Engineer, WEW Engineering Ltd

“Aqua Enviro continue to do a fantastic job at getting all the relevant parties together to discuss todays hot topics in Biosolids. T

he event is packed with highly valuable presentations delivered by experts in the field from all backgrounds: operations, science & research, engineering, consultancy, regulation, suppliers, etc.

The event is targeted well so it is big enough to have everyone in the room, but small enough to allow for people to network effortlesly.

This even is the highlight of the year to meet with good old friends and catch up.”

Principal Engineer, Cambi

“Cutting edge information on global trends, regulations and technologies. Great networking potential. I loved how well organized the conference was and easy to get acclimated.”

Vice President, CDM Smith

“This is certainly an annual go-to-event for me. The level of exposure that the European Bioresources and Biosolids conference gives on international priorities of the sector is outstanding.”

Senior Lecturer in Bioresources Science and Engineering, Cranfield University

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